36 An age that I thought I would never reach for many reasons …. Some I’ve had 3s

36😮 An age that I thought I would never reach, for many reasons …. In some cases I have had 3 suicide attempts, one of which was as close as this day last year due to severe depressive attacks. A head-on collision with a fully charged fuel tanker with 50,000 liters of fuel at 80 km / h A stroke A heart attack Numerous close calls to my life, including a knife with a knife and a few hits in the head with a baseball bat Guns pointed in my face and the list goes on. Some of these lessons were under my control and some of them. . Along the way I learned some very hard and painful lessons not only from the ones I loved, but also lost people I once called friends and family for being snakes in the grass pretending to be my friends in reality they were out for nothing, apart from themselves. I like that most people continue to learn lessons every day, both good and bad, from the people I have around me and those I have around me every day. I still make mistakes and quite often so I am far from Perfect. Even with all that said and even though I’m in the middle of nowhere at work writing this and can’t do anything about it … Here’s until today and hopefully get to the next 🍾. . . #truth #love #birthday #inspiration #motivation #fifo #instagood #instadaily #instapic #instafit #photooftheday #instagram #silverfox #silverfoxguy #tiktok #thatsenoughhashtags