I am so grateful for my skin now that I survived it! Nak skin care routine? #tiktok #ticks


I am so grateful for my skin now 🥺❤️ I survived! Nak skin care routine? #tiktok #tiktokmalaysia READ MY CAPTION ⬇️ The lesson I learned: don’t rely on sponsorship easily, my kena at clinic *** a. That was my skin when I was 18! Start back lepas clinic tu punya treatment muka. I know I will survive the mess (sangat confident HAHA) therefore from time to time Ssab akan record & tangkap gambar. Hari2 ulang and so far even dah smooth & cantik balik pun I still tangkap gambar skin conditions to remind myself to bersyukur. If I can, so can you! Fight! 🔥